Prayer in Sydenham

There are many opportunities for prayer in Sydenham such as prayer for special and urgent needs, prayer triplets and regular informed prayer for Irish World Methodism.

    Prayer for Special and Urgent Needs – a prayer network operates to send messages quickly. To make a prayer request contact Rev Robin Waugh on 073 9850 1495 or  028 9047 1782. Text your name to this mobile number if you want to sign up receive text messages about urgent prayer requests. A landline network also operates. For organisational details of the landline network contact Jack and Rita Boyce.

    Prayer Triplets – small groups of people meet once a week or fortnight for prayer and fellowship.

    Regular Informed Prayer for Irish World Methodism – an annual prayer focus is available.

    Sunday 17 June 2018

    Rev Robin Waugh will be the preacher at both services at 11.00 am and 7.00 pm. We give a warm welcome to anyone wanting to visit our church and spend time in fellowship with us. Please make yourself known to the minister or door steward.

    Meeting of the organising group for the 2018 church fayre

    There will be a meeting of the organising group for this year’s church fayre at 7.30 pm in the Taylor Room on Wednesday 27 June.

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    Sunday 17 June 2018 – morning sermon

    Listen to the sermon.

    Notice Sheet

    Here is the notice sheet for the week beginning Sunday 17 June 2018.

    Sunday 10 June 2018 – sermons

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